Thursday, June 24, 2010


The First Design

Dress-up has always held great appeal to me. As a child , I walked down my grandfather’s hallway with a sheer pillow case on my head and a curtain draped across my shoulders—in my imagination: A beautiful bride. I had found the cast off items in the spare room closet, delicate, white, and beautiful. My uncle handed me a dandelion. My hallway procession was just the beginning of many costumes.
So, that is how it started. In the near future, I hope to post pictures of the outfits created for various re-enactments, costume socials, and festivals. Although most of the outfits are Victorian Era and early 1900s, we have made a few party costumes.
Many have asked me if I sew the dresses and what patterns I have used. I haven't really used patterns. All outfits are made from old cast offs. Unlike professional costume designers, old clothes are purchased from second hand stores and altered to create the desired look. Professional designs are often costly and sewing from a pattern is largely time consuming.
I strive to provide authentic costumes at a reasonable cost, recycling clothing, turning something old into something beautiful. I am often enthusiastically joined by my friends and sisters in this endeavor. My blog is both a display and a tribute to their advice, photography, design, and general friendship. Together, we plan to bring these costumes to your doorstep and hopefully entertain you with historical quotes, facts, and fun. Enjoy my blog!

Of the Ash Tree Meadow, Designs. (c) 2010