Tuesday, July 27, 2010

The Débutante Ball

The débutante, or coming out, ball was basically a formal introduction into society. The tradition originated in the mid-1700s and has continued in various forms until this day. By the Victorian Age, the débutante dress often modified into a wedding dress. The modification was easily accomplished due to the common chemisette bodice, which was easily swapped for another of a different design. The debutante dress usually had short sleeves and a low neckline, adding a chemisette or a similar bodice easily converted the dress into a wedding dress.
A flower corsage or bouquet was sometimes presented to the debutante, many girls held to the tradition of saving their flowers by drying or pressing.

Recently I was honored to stand up with a friend on her wedding day. I saved a couple flowers from my bouquet, hanging them inside my car from the mirror. The hot dry heat of the car died the flowers overnight, they turned out very well as you can see from the picture.


Thursday, July 1, 2010

~Cinderella Dress Making ~

I believe this is my favorite part in the original Disney Cinderlla movie. I love the clever techniques- swinging shoes, threads from the ceiling. The Cinderlla movie planted the idea of a dress form in my young mind, so when my great aunt was giving away her dress form, I was a thankful grand-niece. Although I didn't use the form for a few years, it sat waiting in the barn. Now, it is indispensable.