Sunday, December 12, 2010

The Blue Dress

"Ooh! What shall I wear? I wonder?" - Mrs. Howell, upon news of being rescued off a deserted Island.
"Why don't you wear your bleu dress?" -Foreign news reporter via radio
"Oooo, my blue dress, splendid!
Wait. How does he know I have a blue dress?"

~ Gilligan's Island

I loved that scene in Gilligan's Island. The legendary blue dress. They say every closet needs a little black dress, and I agree, however nothing quite suits as a blue dress. In my last post I lamented the fact that I did not have a picture of the blue dress in the castle. Well, my sister surprised me, and here, is the blue dress.

Monday, December 6, 2010

Memories of the Past

I loved this portrait. Recently, we took a visit to Castle Kilbride in Baden. Not exactly a castle, the grand Italianate house is large ornate masterpiece. High, painted ceilings, dark carved wood, a heart shaped drive: the house takes your breath away. However, out of the house, a ball gown in an upper room caught my eye.
The pale blue dress was delicately edges in embroidery. Eye and hook clasps held the dress together at the waist, a wire cage bustle supported the skirt of the gown. Yes, the gown was in two pieces. I wish I could have taken a picture of the dress. But if you are ever in Baden, be sure to visit the Museum, admission is only 6.50 a person! :)

The above photo is of a previous owner of the house, the photo was taken in the late 20s. I love her scarf.