Tuesday, July 19, 2011

A Treasure from the Past

Along with sewing, crafting parasols, and designing costumes, I like to up-cycle. There are so many beautiful & interesting costumes that are sitting at one's fingertips in the form of second-hand clothing.

A young friend of mine suggested I make dress up clothes for "little girls" and young ladies who still love to have a dress-up parties and tea parties with their friends. Well, I have been concentrating on getting a few little outfits together. Here is the first :)

Plaid is a icon in the Victorian age. Whether you are concentrating on the American Civil War era or the turn of the century auto-mobil age, plaid was in. The fascinating thing about children's clothes is that the design did not change much over this period.

I up-cycled this child's dress from 20 years ago. Niether petticoat (not scene) nor hoop included. I am currently working on a petty coat to sell, maybe a pair of bloomers?

Friday, July 1, 2011

Apple Trees & Pink Coronaria

“We plant, upon the sunny lea,

A shadow for the noontide hour,

A shelter from the summer shower

When we plant the apple-tree.”

I made is parasol awhile ago. I decided to create a new 3-D design by adding silk flowers. Adding the flowers was difficult, the challenge was adhering the flowers to allow the parasol to open and close without crushing the flowers.