Wednesday, October 14, 2015

Another Steampunk Adventure Costume

Ladies' Steam Punk Victorian Times Remix

I must admit, I love upcycling! Taking gently used clothes and altering them, adding to them, and creating something the original wearer didn't see, is so much fun! And it helps to know that you are saving something from the land fill, at least for sometime! Well, this costume is a prize! The skirt is a durable woollen type material, with detailed embroidery outlining the hemline! The colors are muted, but clear - blueish grey, copper, and brass.  I knew just how to match it to this beautiful blouse! I added a vintage flower to the center of the brass medallion and stitched a ruffle of copper material that I had from a previous costume! I finished with an addition of black ruffles down the front, and accessorized with a little hand bag. You can buy it here on Etsy

Creative Steam Punk Victorian

Thursday, October 8, 2015

Latest Costume - Resurrected from the Past

After several inquires, I have decided to bring back the Victorian Lady's Walking Costume. 
This lovely costume is functional, easy to wear, and looks authentic!  
You can read more about how we made the first one in this post :)