Friday, December 16, 2016

End Of Year SALE – Ash Tree Meadow Designs is preparing for new stock!

Gearing up for the holidays?  We have extended our “boxing day”sale.  Beginning today, if you enter 2016BUY at checkout, you will receive 25% off!  This is the lowest that we have every offered!  Limited coupon opportunities exist, so shop now to secure your savings.

In order to provide new inventory, we are looking to make more room!  Inventory clear out sale items include the following creations and treasures.

  • true vintage hats, dresses, and accessories
  • handmade couture derby hats

  • fur muffs, hats, and other winter accessories

  • children’s dress up

  • gorgeous fascinators

and so much more!



Arrival before Christmas is not guaranteed.  Also, we will not be shipping from December 24-29.

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Wednesday, February 17, 2016

A Most Beautiful Woman - An Elegant Queen

I have always admired Queen Elizabeth, the Queen Mother.  I have always admired her style.  
The elegant hats over the ages, and yes, I know this must have had a lot to do with a personal stylist, but she certainly had the grace to carry every outfit. 

Here is a hat that she wore when dating Prince (later king) Albert.  I love the style. 
Hoping to make a similar style, wouldn't it be darling?

Saturday, January 2, 2016

Sewing Tips: Blog Post Number One - How to use a seam ripper!

Any one us who love to sew, equally hate to seam rip, especially when the stitches are very very small.   Sigh.   However, I am actually excited for my next rip job after watching the following video on Youtube....How to really use your seam ripper! Loved this video!   

Happy New Year Everyone!