Monday, August 31, 2015

Day 21 of the 40 Day Design Challenge: A Hidden Gems

This was difficult to make, as adding the gold was time consuming and just difficult. 
However, I am content with the result, although I may add a smaller Fleur de Lis at each side where the gold and green meet. As Vitality means life, I thought it cool how my next feature is kind of about life - well, life as a mom with a wee baby.  And now for our feature...

My creative friend, Rachel, has invented nursing covers that are fast becoming all the rage! Not only is she selling on Etsy, but she is also going to be at the Sarnia Etsy-in-person event! I am so excited for her as she launches this, and I am sure that all my readers who nurse their babies will find these the best purchase they have made to date!  So, head over to her facebook page and Etsy store and choose your favorite color and enjoy all the functionality and comfort!

Sunday, August 30, 2015

Day 20 of the 40 Day Design Challenge: A Victorian Parasol & Annie Clark

There really is no other description for this parasol, I am so thrilled with its whispering little ferns. 
I simply love the purple. 
And now for our featured guest, a courageous, incredible girl who has not only won contests, 
but has published her own book! 
I hope you all stop by her website, and pick up a copy of this book 
- the downloadable version is perfect for kindles!

Annie Clark from Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, was born without hands. She won a National Handwriting Contest in 2012. She has appeared on the Glenn Beck show twice. She continues to inspire the world with her determination and persevering spirit.  Visit her website here  

Saturday, August 29, 2015

Day 19 of the 40 Day Design Challenge: Red, Red, Rose Parasol & Our Wedding Photographer

I tried my hand again at painting with fairly good results.  This parasol reminded me of this poem by Robbie Burns, "My love is like a red, red rose."   These are my favorite verses of the poem.
And now for our featured guest, the very talented photographer who took our wedding photos!


 Vince is a talented photographer and artist.  I truly admire his work and attention to detail.  He also has an eye for the artistic candid photo. You can visit Vince's website to see more photos and artwork.   We couldn't be happier with our pictures!

Friday, August 28, 2015

Day 18 of the 40 Day Design Challenge: Royal Fire and lovely Pampering Products

This parasol is another wonderful, classic piece renaissance style artwork. Does it not looks like stain glass?  Abbie designed and painted this one.  I decided to try a new look and added ribbon edging instead of the typical lace.  The outcome was better than I even imagined with the blue and gold accenting perfectly.  Well, that is all I can add for now, but check out our featured guest! 


I love the pampering happening here!  Isn't this shop great?  From the lip balm and salve to the custom water bottle, it all says spoil me!  Check out this awesome Etsy store for more cool items.

Thursday, August 27, 2015

Day 17 of the 40 Day Challenge: Russian Inspired Artwork and a Amazing Pottery!

Inspired by designs from Russian Folklore Story that I had in childhood, this parasol is my next painting project.  I also decided to cover the top steeple in lace as I wanted the same green lace on the top as on the edges.  I love how dark the foliage is becoming, I can feel autumn coming ~ just around the corner.  And now for our featured guest  - check out this amazing pottery!  


Dudgeon Pottery
              Just look at these incredible masterpieces! Sarah's hand crafted pottery is incredible.
             I love her tasteful designs and the even smoothness of her work.  You can even visit her
             studio now!  (It's this just the cutest studio? Picture below)  Of all the piece, I believe these
             fun planters are my favorite!  Visit Dudgeon Pottery at the facebook page here.

Wednesday, August 26, 2015

Day 16 of the 40 Day Design Challenge: A Mad Hatter Parasol & Lil' Chic Me on Etsy

A Mad Hatter Tea Party Parasol 

  The title says it all ~  The Mad Hatter's Hat ~ but I would like to add how much fun it was to come up with this design.  Instead of using a top steeple on the top of this parasol, I created an alternative design, making a fully hat on top of the Parasol!  Can you guess what the top hat is made of?     Now, for our featured guest :)


For all the children & tot photographers out there, check out this creative shop on Etsy!  Can you get over how cute these are?  I can just imagine a cutie wearing the little punkin hats holding a sign "Mommy's Little Pumpkin" .   Fall is just around the corner, so visit this shop by clicking the pictures or at her facebook link here

Tuesday, August 25, 2015

Day 15 of the 40 Day Challenge: High Society Victorian & Cozy Blue Daisy Knits

 Well, this parasol turned out electrifying! I simply love how the high Victorian Stencil turned out! 
I was putting my newly learned painting skills to good use.  I love how the victorian era was so very stenciled.  The wallpaper was so full of designs and the furniture featured scrolls and curves.  I can see this parasol matched with a very flouncy white Day Dress!  You can buy it here on Etsy. :)  
Now, speaking of blue, scroll down for our featured guest, The Blue Daisy Shoppe!

Mel is a creative and talented crafter!  These are just a small sample of the items that she makes and sells.  I just love these knitted hats!  So warm and inviting!  Perfect for the cold winter that is upon us! And ladies, she makes scrubbies!  Handmade scrubbies are the best!  They last so much longer!
Stop by her facebook page and like her page!

Sunday, August 23, 2015

Day 14 of the 40 Day Design Challenge: The Tree of Life & An Adoption Journey

This post is late today, it is almost 10 p.m., everyday life can cause great interruptions! 
This traditional design is the result of many hours of practise, drawing, sketching, and painting different designs.  I chose this one, and I really like how it turned out.  The warm red parasol is trimmed in white lace and each quadrant has a tree on it, each tree is different.  [Buy it here]

I love how the tree is a symbol of life, and how life really goes well with our featured guests, who are beginning the long journey to adopt.  

This is Katie & Marshall :)
Katie, a long time friend of mine, and her husband, Marshall, have started a blog on youcaring to document both their journey and to thank all those who help them raise money to adopt.  They are hoping to adopt not one, but two children!  We will be following them in this incredible journey.  If you would like to follow as well, you can click on the link.  Also, any money raised goes directly to the adoptions process! You can potentially help two orphan children have a loving home by a simple click.  :)

Day 13 of the 40 Day Challenge: The Fighter's Hope and a brave boy who is fighting for life

The Fighter's Hope
    Before I even introduce you to the new design, I want to mention our guest today.  I just can't let you forget to scroll down to the end!  Our featured guest is a little boy named Jadon, who has been adopted into the most wonderful family.  I asked Jadon's mom if I could feature his journey on my blog, I hope you all follow their site as I do!  Jadon has multiple heath complications and has undergone many surgeries, it's a continue process and a long road to recovery!   So, I have named this parasol in honor of Jadon, the Fighter's Hope.  And in Jadon's case, he isn't fighting a battle with a sword, but a battle for life!  Please scroll down for pictures of our sweet cutie and the link to his family's blog!
 Love Multiplies Here - And it surely does!  Click on the picture to  read their blog or click this link
And now to introduce Mr. Jadon.  This is Jadon during therapy. He's such a happy boy. 

It's not over yet, Jadon is still facing at least 1 more surgery!  

I hope you will all take the time to pray for Jadon and his family at this time!

Saturday, August 22, 2015

Day 12 of the 40 Day Design Challenge: The Medieval Cathedral & Novel Creations

 So, we are very excited today, because within two weeks, I hope to have actual floor space!  Yes, Ash Tree Meadow Designs is planning to set up shop downtown St. Mary's in the new Emporium that has come to town! As you can imagine, this means the hustle and bustle has increased and I am asking myself how I thought I would have time to post each day?  SO GLAD for the featured posts! As I have promised a day to each of my honored guests, and so WILL be posting!  It's great motivation!
Well, this design is a specialty - I call it Medieval Cathedral - it is almost gothic in design. 
The black lace will be appearing often, we found a super deal on it!  But I just love what Abbie has done with latest design! She drew her inspiration from the lace I had chosen. I love how this one turned out, and it goes very nicely with our featured guest's book purses!

You can purchase this parasol here in my Etsy shop, and remember - I make custom parasols!  So, any steampunk, gothic, victorian, historical, theatrical design you need ~ let me know!


 Click here to go to etsy

Aren't these clever?  I love the old covers!  This is such an awesome idea, you can wear your favorite book!  My problem is deciding which is my favorite book - right?! These also make excellent gifts! Visit Karen and her shop via this link or click the picture