Monday, July 20, 2015

The Last of its Kind, a Edwardian Passenger Liner

"In 1965 the Canadian Pacific Railroad made the decision to stop the last two Great Lakes Passenger ships and the mighty S.S. Keewatin and her sister ship the S.S Assiniboia carried their passengers one last time. "

It is an excellent tour, we visited last winter and really enjoyed it.  It is like being inside a small titanic. :)  

Youca. Learn more about this ship here

Saturday, July 18, 2015

Highland Renaissance Costume: Preview

The moment when we begin to release our latest designs - well almost.  The newest renaissance costumes will be up for September in time for the fall festivals.  This is just a sneak peak. We hope to have professional pictures by then.  

The blouse is a off-white linen, draw string neckline threaded with a silken cord. The grey tarten sash is basic, allowing for any clan embellishment. We have accessorized with a black faux leather corset (purchased, not made by us.) that velvro's in the back.  And finally a lined taffeta metallic grey skirt. 

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