Saturday, November 21, 2015

Steampunk Angels, Grand Prize Winners, News, and Positive Reviews

The October rush took me by the reigns; I was inundated with custom requests, orders, products, material offers....and subsequently was short changed on sleep!  But, I am happy and thankful to all my customers and this opportunity to extend myself.  I did learn one thing, organization is key!  So, organize I did!  The studio has had a complete overhaul.  So. Relived. And. Satisfied.

And... That is exactly what we have been up to here...and why there have been few blog posts.  Now, we did receive an awesome picture from our grand prize winner, featuring the prize we sent out. She sent us a wonderful review on our products and in the process we discovered she is also a designer! 

So, here we introduce our long overdue...

Steampunk ANGEL Couture 

by Lisa Bennett

Lisa Bennett was our grand prize winner back in September. (To see the grand prize post click here). Check out Lisa's super cool creations on Facebook at the below link or by clicking on the picture.


  1. Thank you ever so much Ashley!!! I loved your things and wore them proudly at Treslacon 6 this past weekend! Keep making beautiful items and hugs to you! ������

  2. Love your work, Lisa! Hugs to you too!